Tyre Restorer

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ABOUT The best way to finish your 3M car care regime is with 3M Tyre Restorer. It complements our wheel and tyre cleaner brilliantly, giving a really long lasting and natural shine. The easy to use trigger spray also avoids any mess.

  • Natural satin sheen for a new tyre look
  • Long lasting and avoids slinging
  • Fine mist sprayer
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Directions for use
Remove any water overspray from wheels, hubcaps or painted surfaces using a clean, soft, dry cloth. NB. Specific care should always be taken when using any Car Care products on the tyres, brakes and seats of two wheeled vehicles

Step 1Step 2Step 3
Spray a thin, uniform coating onto a clean, dry tyre or apply directly to a cloth
Wipe over the tyre to ensure uniform application
Allow dressing to dry before driving the vehicle
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