Microfibre Cloth

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ABOUT This super soft cloth won’t scratch automotive surfaces (but ensure you use it on clean surfaces and shake it out regularly as particles it picks up may scratch). It will remove wax residue, fingermarks and scratch remover and is also great with 3M™ Glass Cleaner.

  • Unique super-soft micro-texture won’t scratch or streak delicate automotive surfaces
  • Ideal for paintwork, chrome, glass, dashboards, and more
  • Removes residue including wax, polish, glaze and fingerprints

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Fold cloth into quarters to create a flat uniform surface. Wipe surface to remove any residue and buff to a high shine with a clean section of the cloth
Unfold and refold the cloth frequently to expose a clean surface in order to avoid scratching by particles which may have been picked up by the cloth
Because of the Detail Cloth’s superior dust and dirt lifting and trapping properties, frequent washing is recommended. The cloth is hot water, chlorine bleach and dryer safe. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets

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