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ABOUT Although new to the private car care world, it’s inspired from over 100 years of experience supplying some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. 3M Car Wash Soap is a highly concentrated and effective cleaning agent that’s been specifically formulated to preserve wax or protective layers.

  • Car shampoo that safely removes dirt and grime without removing your wax protection
  • Clear coat safe and phosphate free
  • Concentrated formula
  • Long lasting suds and pleasant cherry scent
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Shake container well before use. Dispense 30ml, or 2 caps, of shampoo concentrate into a clean bucket and add 5 litres of warm water. Thoroughly rinse vehicle with water to remove any grit or dirt that could scratch the paint surface. Wash the vehicle using a clean, soft sponge, towel or wash mitt
Rinse thoroughly then dry using a 3M™ Microfibre Detail Cloth or a clean, soft, cotton terry cloth towel or chamois
To enhance your vehicle’s shine easily, use 3M™ Quick Wax whilst wiping the vehicle dry
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